What is Newborn Photography?

What is newborn photography?

What is Newborn Photography?

A new baby is coming! How exciting! There is nothing sweeter than a new family member. You may be expecting yourself or maybe you have a daughter, niece, or other family member who is expecting. It’s time to plan for the new baby’s arrival. The pediatrician has been chosen, the registry has been made, and all the swaddle blankets have been washed and folded. It’s now time to pick a newborn photographer! But…what is newborn photography? Newborn photography is exactly what it sounds like. In newborn photography, professionals are taking pictures of newborns. Looking for more details? Well, read on!

What is Newborn Photography? When is the Right Time for Newborn Photography?

Newborn photography typically takes place around 5-21 days old. Moms have had time to at least begin getting the hang of breastfeeding and healing, dads can change a diaper by now, and you’ve begun to learn the newborn’s habits. At your newborn photo session, you’ll have a baby who is so tiny, squishy. sleepy, and snuggly with tiny tufts of hair on his or her head. But he or she will also look more like themselves and not as swollen and red.

What is Newborn Photography? What Happens at a Newborn Photography Session?

So…what happens during newborn photography? At your newborn photography session, you can expect to spend at minimum one hour and up to four hours for the professional photographer to capture all the beautiful images of your baby. (If you are wanting an in-depth overview of what to expect at a newborn photo session, check out our blog post). You should have an idea of what to expect at the newborn photography session based off your photographer’s client guides, newborn prep, and/or pre-session in-person consultation. (Unsure how to choose a newborn photographer?)

However, if you haven’t gotten to the point of booking, yet, and are wondering what to expect, I’ll give a rough outline. Your newborn photographer will either come to your home, have a commercial studio, or have an in home studio for you to come to. No matter where the newborn photography takes place, you will begin the session helping your newborn get comfortable. Feeding baby, changing baby’s diaper, and loosely swaddling baby and rocking him or her to sleep. Now, this time could go one of two ways. The newborn photographer could choose to photograph family and sibling shots first, or she could go for newborn alone shots first. Say she does the family and sibling shots first. After that, she will move to posed pictures of the baby and prop shots. Your newborn photographer should provide all props, outfits, blankets, swaddles, and baskets needed for the newborn photography session!

what is newborn photography?

What is Newborn Photography? What Happens After You Leave Your Newborn Photography Session?

After the actual session, you will meet back for a session reveal to see your family’s first portraits for the very first time. You will choose your favorites, decide how you want to display your pictures, and place your order. A few weeks later, your order will be ready to pick up and take home!

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