Why Family Photos are so Important

why family photos are so important photo with grandma

Why Family Photos are so Important

By: Amanda Barrett, Nashville Newborn Photographer

We all have a million reasons why we don’t want to have our photos taken, but the truth is that the only photos you’ll regret are the ones you didn’t take. I’ve shared a bit about my personal experience with loss and the importance of having professional family photos that capture the love and joy of our relationships- why family photos are so important. 

Why Family Photos are so Important

A moment becomes just a memory so quickly, but a photo lasts a lifetime.

We have such a tendency to put off scheduling a professional family photo shoot. We don’t feel pretty enough, we’re nervous our kids won’t behave, we don’t have the time to pick out the perfect coordinating outfits, the weather might not cooperate… the list of excuses goes on. But I am a firm believer in the need to have your photos taken. I’ll explain why family photos are so important to me. 

One of my favorite pieces of advice ever shared with me before getting married was “to hold hands when you’re angry.” I loved it so much (guys, it’s seriously SO EFFECTIVE), that I took it as my own piece of advice to share – but after losing my grandma, I changed my *one piece of advice* to “Schedule a family photo session with a professional photographer, right now. At least once per year, but really, as often as you can!” 

why family photos are so important photo with grandma

After she passed, I realized the only professional photos we have together are from my wedding. I absolutely cherish those, believe me, I do – I just wish there were more of them. So that led me down the rabbit hole of digging through old family photos, and I realized the only professional family photos I had were when I was very young, and only of my siblings and I. None with our parents. I do love and cherish the (very dark, mostly blurry) photos our family took at home, and even the grainy cell phone shots of the later years. But there is nothing like a professional family photo. The long-lasting, high quality, properly lit, professionally composed family photo.

This is why family photos are so important to have done by a professional. I don’t want my daughter to look back in many years and feel the same sadness I do about peeking into past times wishing to find more documentation of this beautiful life we’ve lived. And, dear friend, I don’t want that for you either! 

why family photos are some important daughter

We can all come up with at least five reasons why we should wait to schedule that family photo session. But let me give you five reasons why hiring a professional for family photos is so important. Then we’ll talk about why you should do it now! Not next year, this year. It’s Not after you’ve lost the last ten pounds, but now- exactly as you are (because you’re beautiful NOW). Not when the kids are older and more behaved, but now in the midst of all the beautiful chaos.

Because Family Photos are so Important, Here are Some Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Family Photos:

The quality is outstanding. I know iPhone photos look great on your phone, they really do. But you won’t get a beautiful 30×40 canvas for your living room wall out of an iPhone shot. Professional equipment truly makes a world of difference. (Let’s talk about archival art in another post).

Professionals know how to use light. Light can be luxurious and flattering if used properly, but if used incorrectly, it can be devastatingly unflattering to both the subject and the background.

They’re trained in composing an image well. This means everything from choosing the location to guiding the posing (or even orchestrating those beautiful “candid” family photos). Lead lines, lighting, posing, rule of thirds, aperture – these are many, but certainly not all, of the things a photographer is considering for every shot they take.

Editing takes a photo from pretty to GORGEOUS. The colors, contrast, and exposure are just a few things we can manipulate to highlight the beauty of your family.

Consistency. When you work with a professional, you can expect your family photos to be consistent. From lighting, posing, to final edit. So, when you have that beautiful, archival, family photo album on your coffee table, you can focus on the relationship of your family because your eye won’t be drawn to artistical or stylistic differences across each page.

Now for some reasons why you should go ahead and get on the books now!

I notice how fast my daughter changes, her facial features, expressions, mannerisms. All of it. It’s changing so fast my heart just can’t take it. So, I capture as much as I can. I’m of the belief that you can never have too many photos. I’m already so grateful for some of our first moments together, and she’s only eighteen months old. I can only imagine how happy I’ll be to have those when she’s eighteen YEARS old. This is why family photos are so important.

You can ALWAYS have another shoot once you reach your goals, and the kids are older and might “behave” better, (remember, I don’t think you can ever have too many photos); but, you can’t turn back time. And believe it or not, once things are different, you’ll still want to remember the times you’re in right now. This is why family photos are so important.

I think, too, about how we truly aren’t promised tomorrow. You never know who might be missing by the time you get around to it if you just keep putting it off. (I know that’s a depressing thought, but it is reality). This is why family photos are so important.

If you’re worried about feeling self-conscious in front of the camera, use your family photo session as an excuse to get a new outfit or splurge a little and have your hair and makeup done! I like to do this because I get to pamper myself the whole day and then I get beautiful family photos where I’m not picking apart mistakes I made in my hair or lashes (let’s face it, I’m NOT a pro at those things!) It’s certainly not necessary, but it’s a nice confidence boost for some of us. THIS is why family photos are so important!

Your professional photographer can help in choosing coordinating outfits and will highlight all your best features.

Make it a priority to capture each season of life, because we never know how different things will be in the near future. Just remember, the only photos you’ll regret are the ones you didn’t take. And this is why family photos are so important.


So, now you know you want to book a family photographer! Are you ready to learn How to Choose a St. Louis Family Photographer?

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