When Should I Book Newborn Photos?

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When Should I Book Newborn Photos?

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When should I book newborn photos for my baby?? The answer is always as soon as possible! I’ll explain, but a general rule is just book a newborn photographer as soon as you know you need one!

Newborn photos are some of the most important you’ll ever take! Your first family portrait will be one of the most special memories you have of this time! Between the bond you have with your baby and the little newborn features, you won’t want to miss this opportunity. When you flip through your newborn’s album or walk into their nursery and see some of your first snuggles with them, you will be so happy you took the time to document this time of your life.

When considering booking newborn photos, you need to think about how fast the photographer you want books up. There may be some instances when they can squeeze you in after baby is born, but do you want to risk missing out on having these special memories?

Book Newborn Photos as Soon as Possible

Just book the session as soon as you know you want one! Your photographer will most likely book 2-5 months in advance. Although sometimes they do have last minute openings for one reason or another, you shouldn’t count on that as an option. Some photographers will only take 2-4 babies per month, so bookings fill up fast! Wondering when the best time to take newborn photos is?  To check out some newborn pose ideas, check out my Newborn page.

A Note About Safety When Booking Newborn Photos

Please confirm your photographer has taken safety and posing classes. With so many new photographers popping up all the time, its really important to ask this to be sure your baby is in capable hands! If they haven’t taken these courses, that should be a red flag and you need to look for another photographer.

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