How to Choose a Family Photographer in St. Louis

hot to choose a St. Louis family photographer

How to Choose a Family Photographer in St. Louis

Choosing a family photographer in St. Louis can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds of options to filter through! But how do you know who is best for you? What qualities are important in a family photographer? Here are some things to think about.

How to Choose a Family Photographer in St. Louis- and Where to Find Them

First, what should you do? How should you find them? Many moms will go into Facebook groups and ask for suggestions. This sometimes turns out ok, and most would assume it would, right? You’re getting first-hand accounts and recommendations! But, have you noticed how many hobbyists and new photographers comment on those posts? This can be extremely problematic for many reasons, but I’ll leave that for another post. Who do you want photographing your family? Who do you want documenting your life? And who do you want preserving your memories? Is it a hobbyist trying to make some extra cash? Or would you enjoy being taken care of from start to finish from a professional photographer? So, if you’re asking in a Facebook group, be sure to vet the suggestions. Check out their websites, policies, training, and prices. These are all things to consider when thinking about how to choose a Family Photographer in St. Louis.

Another option for finding a photographer is Google. Go ahead and take a look at the first few pages. Click on the links and peruse their sites. This is a good option for finding photographers! If you go this route, make a list of the photographers whose styles you like so you can find them later!

One other possibility is to keep an eye out at places you frequent! Places like Local shops, doctors offices, and gyms often keep a place set for business cards, promotional materials, and sometimes even printed art they display. These are three common ways to find a family photographer in St. Louis.

Be sure to plan your photo session in advance! Although some photographers may have openings within a week or two, the most sought after photographers can be booked up for months! Of course, they may have a few openings here or there, but to ensure you get a session that works best for your family, plan ahead!

Vetting the Options for your Family Photographer in St. Louis

How to Choose a Family Photographer in St. Louis Who Fits Your Style

Next, you’ll need to decide if the photographers you’ve found are right for you. Do you like their style? Are their photos beautiful and pleasing to you?  Would these images be a good fit for you and your family? Remember how I said Facebook groups can sometimes be counter-productive when vetting because of how many hobbyists frequent them? You’ll want to consider whether they are posed portraits or lifestyle images. Decide which style you prefer and narrow down your list of options. Make sure the photographers that you are considering have images in their online gallery that look professional and that you’d be happy to display their images on your walls.

hot to choose a St. Louis family photographer

Consider Their Niche

If you are looking for a family photographer in St. Louis, you won’t want to hire a wedding photographer. Or if you were looking for a wedding photographer, you would definitely not hire a newborn photographer. If you are wanting to hire a family photographer, ensure their portfolio and general website shows that they are, in fact, a St. Louis family photographer! Seems obvious, right? But, some people get too consumed with the style of editing they like and forget to consider that the photographer might not be skilled at posing a family or newborn or a wedding party! Don’t overlook this!

How to choose a St. Louis family photographer

Fill Out a Few Contact Forms for Family Photographers in St. Louis

Fill out a few contact forms or make a few calls to photographers you love. Your preferred photographer may not be available when you need, so be sure to contact a few. Keep a list with notes about what images you liked from each family photographer in St. Louis to help you keep track of who is who. Ask any initial questions you may have. Do you have availability in February? Do you offer studio or location photoshoots? And Do you help us print our portraits or do we only get digital images? These may be some initial questions you have. Hopefully, your potential photographers will give you a call to talk about what hey offer. They may also send a follow up email. Whichever method they use, you can use that next communication to ask any follow up questions.

Discuss Your Expectations with Potential Photographers

Think about whether you would like to display your portraits in albums or on the wall or if you are just looking for something to share on facebook. If you are looking for someone to help you create archival artwork that you can share with your grandchildren one day, you won’t be hiring a photographer who only offers digital images for $200. Communicate your expectations with your photographer in this initial phone call. Sometimes, you may know right away on that first phone call that you want to hire this photographer. But, sometimes, you may want more information.

Some photographers (yes, I am one of them) offer an in person consultation before you book. It is an amazing experience to begin to learn about the studio, plan your poses and props, and connect with your photographer. You also will have an opportunity to get your hands on my products and feel the beautiful, archival quality of my leather albums, hand made folio boxes, and heirloom quality wall art. You’ll get an idea of how you want to display your art in your own home. You’ll also want to get an idea of what you can expect to spend on your products.

Book Your Portrait Session with a Family Photographer in St. Louis

Book your session! If you have found the St. Louis Family Photographer that fits your family, go ahead and book! Schedule your session and begin planning your portrait session with your photographer!

Finding the perfect photographer isn’t always easy, but this guide on how to choose a Family Photographer should help get the ball rolling! To begin planning your own photoshoot, get in touch today!

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