Newborn Safety at Sutherland Photography

newborn safety at sutherland photography

Newborn Safety at Sutherland Photography

Adding a new baby to your family is such an exciting time! You have the nursery decorated, teeny tiny newborn clothes washed and put away, and your hospital bags packed! Now it is time to pick a newborn photographer because soon you will be snuggling that tiny newborn in your arms. The love you’ll have for that little baby is indescribable. Of course, his or her health and safety is your top concern! Newborn safety and the health of your baby is also a top priority for Sutherland Photography.

Newborn Safety

With Sutherland Photography, your newborn will be in capable hands. I am CPR certified for infants, children, and adults. I have also taken newborn photography safety courses to ensure all posing of your little one is done safely. Your newborn will never be placed in unsafe positions and your level of comfort with poses is always taken into consideration.  At your planning consultation, we will go over poses you want and ones you are not comfortable with. I also have 4 children of my own, so holding babies and making their comfort a priority is something I am accustomed to.

newborn safety at sutherland photography

Newborn Health

As far as health goes, all props are sanitized between babies. I wash my hands before handling every baby and have hand sanitizer nearby for frequent use. I also limit the number of sessions I take per month to allow of sanitizing of my studio between clients.

If you or anyone in your family has been ill in the days leading up to your photo session, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can reschedule for when everyone is healthy. The health of all my clients is a top priority.

In just a short time, you will be snuggling that sweet newborn in your arms! When hiring a newborn photographer, it is important to choose one who has your whole family’s safety in mind. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to newborn photographers you are considering.  Are you CPR certified for infants and children? Have you taken posing classes focused on newborn safety? How many clients do you take per week? Do you sanitize between clients? Are your props washed and sanitized between clients?

If you would like to chat about my newborn safety precautions, please fill out my contact form and I will be in touch!

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