Backlit Portrait Ideas for Your St. Louis Photoshoot

backlit portrait ideas newborn photo session sutherland photography

Backlit Portrait Ideas for Your St. Louis Photoshoot

Portraiture is a time-honored tradition in photography. Backlighting can add drama and mystery to your portrait photos, especially when you shoot late in the day or at night. Backlit portraits generally offer higher contrast than front- or sidelit shots, and backlighting can create interesting patterns of light and beautiful sun rays. You can also take backlit portraits in studio, which are some of my favorite! So lets check out some backlit portrait ideas you may want to use in your upcoming St. Louis Photoshoot.

But First, What is a Backlit Portrait?

A backlit portrait is just an image where you have light coming from behind your subject. A backlit portrait can look very different, depending on how you backlight your image. You can achieve a more dramatic look with a stronger light in the background or you can achieve a warm backlit image at sunset.

Backlighting can be achieved using off-camera flash or reflectors, so you don’t have to rely on the sun. Backlighting can also help raise the ambient light level in a brisk environment, since your camera’s aperture will stay open longer. Backlit portraits are great for black and white silhouette portraits and golden hour images.

Some Favorite Backlit Portrait Ideas for Your St. Louis Photoshoot

You have to be careful, when shooting backlit images, to time it just right. Too early and you will get very harsh light that isn’t flattering. If you wait too late, you’ll end up with more of a blue hour image instead of golden hour backlit. Backlit portrait ideas are great to do when the sky is just beginning to get dark. Backlighting is known for being extremely flattering for skin tones.

Backlit Portrait Ideas- Backlit Maternity at Golden Hour

This backlit portrait was done on the shore of a lake. This beautiful momma to be really rocked her photoshoot.

backlit portrait ideas pregnant woman by water red dress

We were shooting around the park at golden hour and got some really amazing shots. You can also get some really beautiful skies when shooting backlit portraits!

Backlit Portrait Ideas- Backlit Family Portrait Session at Golden Hour

This backlit image was actually taken at sunrise instead of sunset. The sun will create the same type of light at sunset, too, if you like this look!

Backlit portrait ideas sunrise image

This next backlit image was taken at sunset golden hour.

backlit portrait ideas sutherland photography

Here is another backlit image by Lens and Lillies in Memphis, TN.

Backlit image by lens and lillies

Backlit Portrait Ideas- Mom and Baby Images

These are some of my favorite portraits to do. I love the dramatic look and the bond of a new mom and her baby. Backlighting these images shows more of a silhouette in studio and it just looks so beautiful in black in white, but color is also amazing.

backlit portrait ideas Sutherland Photography newborn

If you love the look of a backlit image, mention that in our planning consultation, so we can be sure to capture images you will love!

backlit portrait ideas newborn photo session sutherland photography


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