St. Louis Photographer- Sutherland Photography

St. Louis Photographer – Sutherland Photography

Hello! I’m Maggie, owner of Sutherland Photography. My family and I recently moved to St. Louis from Tennessee, so I’d like to introduce myself as a St. Louis Photographer! I specialize in newborn, family, and maternity photography. I’m also a homeschooling mom of 4 little kids, ages 2, 5, 8, and 10! My husband, Brian, and I met in Memphis, TN, and have moved 5 times since getting married. We are more than ready to settle down in St. Louis! Preserving family memories has become more and more important the older my kids get. I’m so happy to have the memories I have from pictures and want your family to have that, too!

St. Louis Photographer

St. Louis Photographer- Photography Background

I first started taking photography classes 15 years ago in high school. My school offered black and white film photography. We developed all the film and photos ourselves in the school dark room. This class was mostly based on nature and still life, but this started my love for photography! When my oldest was born in 2011, I got my first dslr camera and started capturing portraits. In 2013, I became good friends with our family photographer, Kim, who really opened my eyes to how beautiful photography can be. She inspired me to learn more about photography and editing. It wasn’t until 2020 that I decided to go for it and turn my love of photography into a business.

St. Louis Photographer- 7 Fun Facts About Me

  • I took my first photography class in 2007.
  • I started out with black and white film photography! I took pictures in my film camera, developed the film myself, and developed my pictures myself!
  • I didn’t start out interested in family, newborn, and maternity portraits. I was more interested in nature photography!
  • I graduated from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN, with a business degree.
  • I broke my neck in 8th grade! I had to wear a halo for 6 weeks (like Regina George wears at the end of Mean Girls).
  • I LOVE Thai food. Seriously my favorite. Nothing compares. Except maybe good pizza.
  • I also love hiking in the mountains. I will really miss having the Smokey Mountains in my backyard, but look forward to new adventures in St. Louis!

St. Louis Photographer- My Favorite Photography Sessions

As a St. Louis photographer, I absolutely love photographing newborns! I love capturing the first family portrait, all the newborn baby details that only last for a short time, and the bond between the baby and his or her parents and siblings. It is just such a beautiful time that can’t be recreated and it’s such an honor to be able to document that for my clients. I also really love family portraits in general. As a mom, I know how few pictures you are in, and even fewer that you have of your entire family together! I think its so important for kids to see their family portraits hanging on the walls and love being able to help my clients make this happen for their family!

St. Louis Photographer mom and baby black and white

St. Louis Photographer- About Sutherland Photography

My philosophy on capturing your memories is simple- I want you to LOVE them so much that you will proudly display your portraits in your home for years to come! This has brought me to build my business around a custom portrait experience for each of my clients that focuses on a finished product. As my client, your will have the options of heirloom quality albums, canvases, prints, and folio boxes. I help my clients in selecting their favorite images and work with them through the design process to create a one of a kind piece of art that showcases your family’s personality!

Let’s start planning your St. Louis portraits!