Picking Oranges Photos

kids picking oranges st. louis family photographer

Picking Oranges Photos

We went orange picking! This isn’t really a session that happens in January normally. But while out of town, we happened to have the opportunity.  I have a few yummy recipes to share, too!

So….these are actually tangerines, not oranges. But apparently they’re the same other than the smaller size. We have family with a beautiful tangerine tree in their back yard and we’ve been watching them grow over a few visits now and they were finally ready to pick!

oranges St. Louis family photographer

We actually tried them about a month ago and they were not ready. They were so bad. But, they started smelling good over the last couple weeks and decided to try them again. They were perfect. The best part was, we could pick right into a basket and just walk right into the house.

My son tried to use a handheld grabber for a bit, but I ended up leaving over the porch and pulling the top ones myself to throw down. They collected them from the ground and lower branches. We ended up with three or four large baskets full!

Collecting oranges St. Louis family photographer

I love how these pictures turned out! It was such a fun time and there were a few super cute ones that looked awesome with a fine art edit.

kids picking oranges st. louis family photographer

Orange Recipes

We’ve had fun coming up with some yummy recipes to use up all the tangerines, but we still have a ton left! These orange cookies are the best! We make them every year, but it was fun to use oranges from the back yard this time! We also juiced some of them to drink on its own!

making orange juice st. louis family photographer

As a St. Louis family photographer, I probably won’t be able to offer this exact type of session locally, but I’m thinking maybe themed sessions of apple picking this fall or blueberry picking this spring? If you may be interested, be sure to sign up for my email list so you can be sure to secure a St. Louis fruit picking photo session!

girl on porch St. louis family photographer

If you are interested in booking a session, please contact me today! I would love to plan your next photo session!

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