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boy at Cincinnati art museum
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Award Winning Photographer – St. Louis, MO As a photographer, I am constantly taking classes for editing or posing or any other number of things so I can learn new techniques. I love learning and love improving so I can serve my customers better. Other than taking classes, a huge way to improve and to […]

Award Winning Photographer

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St. Louis Photographer christmas
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St. Louis Christmas Photos It has been a Christmas to remember! Christmas is very magical and this year was no different. As I see Christmas images from our Christmas events in 2021, I am reminded how much Christmas means to me. Christmas is about family, friends, spirit, love and sharing the magic of Christmas with […]

St. Louis Christmas Photos

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When Were Cameras Invented? When were cameras invented? Cameras were not actually invented when they were first used. Cameras are inventions that have gone through many changes over the years, starting when Joseph Nicephore Niepce took the world’s first photograph in 1826.     When Were Cameras Invented- The Evolution of Cameras Cameras were not […]

When Were Cameras Invented?

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kids picking oranges st. louis family photographer
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Picking Oranges Photos We went orange picking! This isn’t really a session that happens in January normally. But while out of town, we happened to have the opportunity.  I have a few yummy recipes to share, too! So….these are actually tangerines, not oranges. But apparently they’re the same other than the smaller size. We have family […]

Picking Oranges Photos

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