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boy at Cincinnati art museum

Award Winning Photographer – St. Louis, MO

As a photographer, I am constantly taking classes for editing or posing or any other number of things so I can learn new techniques. I love learning and love improving so I can serve my customers better. Other than taking classes, a huge way to improve and to track your progress is through photography competitions. I made it a goal last year to enter into a few competitions and I’m excited to say I was finally an award winning photographer!

I ended the year with 6 bronze award images and 1 silver over 2 different competitions. Yesterday, the results were released for my 3rd competition that I entered about a month ago. I chose not to enter as many images because of the chaos of our move and renovations, but 2 of my images won bronze awards! Although I was hoping for a silver, it seems those are very difficult. I plan to offer a model call in a few months to shoot with the purpose of a competition image (so if you are interested, look out for more info on that!). I’d like to share a bit about my images that have won awards from Portrait Masters and Glow Photography Awards.


Award Winning Photographer- Boy at Cincinnati Art Museum

Boy in a museum St. Louis Photographer

This first image is one I really love. We took a trip to Cincinnati for some doctors appointments. It was 2 days of appointments, so our whole family went and we had a break to visit some fun places. Cincinnati Art Museum was one of our stops. The Cincinnati Art Museum is a super cool place. First of all, it’s free! And we had the museum almost to ourselves since it was a weekday. My kids really loved it, especially the mummies and Egyptian and Roman artifacts. We had just studied some famous painters in homeschool, so they loved seeing in person the paintings by Van Gogh and Monet.

My 8 year old wanted to wander around while the other kids did some crafts, so I followed him while he looked at what he wanted to. I captured this photo of him studying this painting. In this image,I just love the lighting and how he is so still studying the painting. I entered this image into 2 different competitions and won a bronze award in each.  Cincinnati Art Museum contacted me to ask if they could use this image for marketing, so that’s pretty cool!

boy at Cincinnati art museum


Award Winning Photographer- Slim and the Babies

This next image I only submitted to Glow and won silver! I love this image because this was my wagon when I was little. I took many rides in it and when we got older, my dad built an insert for it for my siblings and I to have a rolling lemonade stand. Luckily my parents kept it and we have it for my kids. My parents were visiting and my 2 younger kids were taken on wagon rides multiple times per day by my dad, aka Slim. It was almost Halloween and my daughter wore her cat costume/pajamas from Hanna Andersson nonstop. It is just a really fun memory of the last couple months in our house in East Tennessee.

Grandpa pulling kids in wagon



Award Winning Photographer- Edie in the Smokey Mountains

When we realized last summer we would probably need to move for a job, we made an effort to get up to the mountains more regularly. We spent time hiking, picnicking, and just driving in our favorite part of the Smokey Mountains, Cades Cove, for many weekends. In the fall, we stopped at a pull off for a new hike and found a stream to play in. The kids had so much fun skipping rocks and playing in the water. I captured this image of my then 2 year old, Edie. I love it because it takes me back to that fun day playing in the stream. It is also one of the first real pictures I have of Edie without a feeding tube in her nose in a year. This one, I only submitted to portrait masters and won bronze.

girl next to stream in fall


Award Winning Photographer- Newborn Leo

Other than my own kids, photographing newborns is my favorite. Too many parents don’t have these sweet pictures of their children when they were babies, so I love capturing this stage. This baby had the most perfect skin and was the best sleeper. This is one of the first photos I edited after taking classes on fine art editing and I love how it turned out. The teal bonnet, the deep brown flokati, and the new editing technique made this image one of my favorite newborn images. I entered this into Portrait Masters and won bronze.

newborn with teal hat and tan wrap


Award Winning Photographer- Baby Hazel

The last image from my first set of competitions is also a newborn image. I had been planning a deep purple newborn set for awhile, so baby Hazel was perfect for it.

award winning photographer st. Louis


I’ll share my newest award winning images in my next blog post coming soon!

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