Why Your First Family Portrait is So Important

first family portrait

Why Your First Family Portrait is So Important

You have just had a baby. You’re tired, sore, learning how to parent. But you love your little baby so much that its all worth it. You want memories of this special time and how tiny your newborn is, so you make an appointment for professional photos. But, will you take a first family portrait? Will you be in any of the photos?

Hint: You Should Be in Your Baby’s First Portraits!

I strongly believe you should have your first family portrait taken at your newborn session. This is a time you can’t get back! You are sore and tired and think you don’t have the energy to get yourselves and baby ready for photos, but this first family portrait together is something you are going to cherish forever! In a few years, you won’t care that you look a little tired because at least you have that memory. At least your child has this picture of his or her family together documented for the first time.

My Experience With First Family Portraits

I have four kids. For my first two, I did not have family pictures taken of us all together and I regret it so much. By the time I had my third, I had everything scheduled halfway through my pregnancy to avoid missing out again! I had maternity, birth, and newborn pictures with the whole family in the maternity and newborn and I love having those memories to look back on. I didn’t look my best and I was exhausted, but I don’t even think about that when I see our portraits. When I see the pictures, I just think about the memories and spending time with my kids and husband and all the excitement that surrounds a new baby.

This is why I feel so strongly about YOUR first family portrait.


Let’s schedule a time to talk. We’ll plan your first family photos before you get too busy preparing for baby!

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