Award Winning Photographer – St. Louis, MO As a photographer, I am constantly taking classes for editing or posing or any other number of things so I can learn new techniques. I love learning and love improving so I can serve my customers better. Other than taking classes, a huge way to improve and to […]

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Why Your First Family Portrait is So Important You have just had a baby. You’re tired, sore, learning how to parent. But you love your little baby so much that its all worth it. You want memories of this special time and how tiny your newborn is, so you make an appointment for professional photos. […]

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3 Types of People Who Will Love a Full Service Portrait Experience A full service portrait experience may not be what you are thinking. It is not just for people who want to have their photos taken. It is for all types of people. Here are three that will benefit most from this type of […]

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Moving to St. Louis During a Snowstorm! We have officially made the move to St. Louis, Missouri! Or, St. Peters, Missouri, actually. I am officially a St. Louis photographer. We have been knee deep in renovations and choosing the right cabinets, paint colors, flooring, and I have scraped most of the popcorn ceiling and repainted. […]

Maternity Photographer- Why You Should Book One Maternity portraits are more than just maternity photos. They tell the story of this journey in your life through your body and emotions. This is not just any time in your life because it is when you are growing another human being inside you! You are doing amazing […]

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Baby Leo | Newborn Photos St. Louis Baby Leo was so sweet and happy during his newborn photos ! We were able to get some great sleep images, as well as cute away photos. For this newborn session, I went to their home for the entire session. If you are looking to have newborn photos […]

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer As a mom, you know the importance of preserving memories. A professional photographer can help you capture beautiful, timeless portraits of your family. Here are four reasons why you should hire a professional photographer today: 1. They have the experience and equipment to get the best results. 2. […]

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Guest blog post time! Lauren is a newborn photographer in San Diego and shares some advice on how to find a newborn photographer. How to Find The Perfect Newborn Photographer For You By Lauren V Photography, your San Diego Newborn Photographer Finding a newborn photographer that is perfect for you and your family can be a […]

Customized Newborn Photoshoot Hello! I am a photographer who creates a full service experience for my clients. I create a custom session based on your family’s unique needs. I walk with you through the whole experience and help create beautiful products to display your memories.  Newborn photoshoots are my favorite, although I also specialize in […]

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62 Acts of Kindness for Kids Acts of kindness are something that can brighten up anyone’s day. When we perform acts of kindness for others, it makes them feel happy and appreciated. It also makes us feel good about ourselves, because we’re doing something positive for someone else. Performing random acts of kindness is a […]

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