Daycare St. Louis Options for Exceptional Child Care Resources

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It can be so hard to trust your sweet babe in the hands of another person or group. Luckily, St. Louis has plenty of daycares that you know will take excellent care of your children and provide an excellent education. Daycare in St. Louis options offers incredible support and knowledgeable staff ready to watch and care for your little ones.

3 Daycares in St. Louis for Dedicated Childcare You Can Feel Comfortable Trusting

SouthSide Early Childhood Center

SouthSide Early Childhood Center resides at 2101 S. Jefferson Avenue. They serve as an early childhood center that works alongside families to eliminate bias, create an equitable environment, inclusive learning opportunities, and support services for all children and families.

SouthSide’s approach focuses on how they interact with, respond to, and nurture children. Moreover, they utilize brain research to develop holistic strategies to teach and care for children.

Through education, health, connection, and thought leadership, SouthSide wants to help its children and families thrive. They help families understand critical developmental milestones and achieve their own goals. 

SouthSide offers year-round programs to children from 6 weeks to 5 years old to help them achieve school readiness.

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Cornerstone Center for Early Learning

A licensed, accredited, and award-winning early childhood education center, Cornerstone Center for Early Learning resides at 3901 Russell Blvd. Founded in 1969, Cornerstone is a non-profit organization that believes children learn best from active involvement and hands-on learning in natural environments.

The center focuses on helping children build foundations of autonomous behavior, take responsibility for their actions, and accept natural consequences.

They also dedicate themselves to supporting families of all economic backgrounds by offering quality and comprehensive care and education at affordable rates.

Furthermore, they partner with organizations such as Gateway Early Childcare Alliance, Nature Explore, and St. Louis Mental Health Board. Cornerstone Center for Early Learning provides infant and toddler programs, a twos program, a junior preschool, and a preschool.

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The Berry Patch Professional Child Care Center

Located at 670 S Laclede Station Rd., The Berry Patch Professional Child Care Center was established in 1977. Their mission is to provide quality care and learning experiences in a safe environment for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old.

The Berry Patch has a newer infant classroom designed to nurture and support infant development. It features plenty of floor time to encourage rolling, crawling, and walking, while also formulating custom childcare plans designed by parents.

Their toddler classrooms and programs help children discover their independence and give them explorative freedom. Toddlers are encouraged to focus on life skills such as feeding themselves, washing their hands, and simple tasks while learning sign language to provide easier communication.

The Cherry Berry Room is for two-year-olds. It focuses on learning basic colors, shapes, counting to three, increasing independence, and learning to use their words. The Strawberry Room is for young three-year-olds. It focuses on social and emotional development as well as pre-academic skills.

The Jamberry Room will have older three-year-olds and young four-year-olds. It continues to focus on pre-academic skills and social and emotional development. The Raspberry Room is for four and five-year-olds until they enter school and coordinates with kindergartens in the area to prepare them for elementary school.

Daycare St. Louis

Each of these early education centers offers excellent care and learning opportunities perfect for any child. Find your ideal daycare in St. Louis with one of these superb childcare providers dedicated to your child’s safety and education.

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