Happy Up Inc. for Whimsical Toy Store With Large Inventory

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Are you looking for a new local spot to do gift shopping? Happy Up Inc. provides a wide range of goods you can feel good about purchasing for your little ones. They pride themselves on the power of play, promoting growth and development through the favorite pastime of kids everywhere.

About Happy Up Inc.

Happy Up, Inc. is a family-owned toy and game store based in Illinois, with two locations. Their Illinois store resides at 6654-A Edwardsville Crossing Dr. in Edwardsville, and their Missouri store is at 8103 Maryland Ave. Recently acquired in 2006 by Shawnta Ray and Rick Harmon, Happy Up, Inc. was initially opened in 1987 by Steve St. Pierre as Once Upon A Toy. 

After a long while as Once Upon A Toy, the stores began to falter and become slow. Shawnta and Rick moved main locations and decided to close another one after purchasing the toy empire, reducing costs to keep the business alive. After a crowdfunding drive and mass media attention driven by loyal customers and friends, the toy stores could stay in business and redeem themselves. 

After all this, it only seemed right to rename the business to give it a fresh start. Happy Up Inc. was now in play and is brought to you today by dedicated owners, loyal customers, a drive for success, and a mission to bring wonderful toys and specialty items to the Midwest area.


Happy Up, Inc. offers a variety of products ranging from baby toys, toddler items, and children’s items to teens, young adults, and adult items. 

Baby items include teethers, plushies, rattles, books, lovies, Dimpl products, bath toys, ride-on toys, and more. 

Toddler products offered here include: 

  • puzzles, 
  • lamps, 
  • books, 
  • pull along toys, 
  • rattles, 
  • dolls, 
  • plushies, 
  • blocks, 
  • toddler games, 
  • shape sorters, 
  • and bath toys. 

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A few popular items ranging from 3 years to 12 years of age include: 

  • coloring books, 
  • activity books, 
  • remote-controlled cars, 
  • finger paint, 
  • discovery activities, 
  • art essentials, 
  • slime kits, 
  • gag gifts and trinkets, 
  • play kitchen sets, 
  • dress up items, and 
  • so much more.

Teens and grown-up items offered at Happy Up, Inc. include vinyl stickers, collectible buttons, magnets, activity sets, games, pop culture items, puzzles, kitchen accessories, and outdoor toys. 


Happy Up offers a variety of great products for a range of ages and hosts and features special events for everyone! A few events they usually offer include crafting events and play days. 

Happy Up has also taken steps to expand from its brick-and-mortar stores, as they’ve developed a wholesale house brand line and two specialty toys.

Their Loose Leaf Baby is designed especially for babies to offer a customizable sensory toy option. Made to look like pieces of paper, these crinkle sheets can also include custom notes or drawings for your baby. Their other toy line is Cuddle Jones, which brings you cute and collectible squishy toys.

Happy Up Inc.

Happy Up Inc. is the perfect toy store with an extensive inventory of goods your little ones will absolutely love. From puzzles, games, and more, this store dedicates itself to putting smiles on every child’s face. 

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