Dancing for Birth for Incredibly Fun Movement During Pregnancy

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Throughout cultures and generations, birth has been seen as a sacred moment for families. Unfortunately today, it’s all very clinical. So much of the actual process has been taken away from parents and instead placed into a cold and sterile institution. And while this works for many people, it certainly doesn’t work for everybody! Birth should be all about having options and understanding what works best for you. This is why the natural birth community is pretty dang awesome. It’s not about forcing you to give birth one way or another. It’s centered on giving you the choice and letting you speak for yourself. If you’re looking for a center that will empower you and celebrate this very momentous time, I would love to tell you all about Dancing for Birth

About Dancing for Birth

Stephanie Larson always had a special love for dancing. From the time she was a child, she was always in movement, connecting to herself in a unique way. While she was pregnant, she saw no reason to stop and continued to dance throughout every trimester. She loved her experience so much, she spoke about it as often as she could. Quickly, she found out her experience was rare. She learned about the trauma many parents faced throughout childbirth and how, for so many, the lack of birthing options created a very bitter experience. She started Dancing for Birth classes in 2000 to remedy this. Her knowledge as a doula and a childbirth educator helped inform the courses. The mom-run company is both BIPOC- and LQBTQIA-inclusive and teaches classes around five continents, providing parents everywhere with a fiercely beautiful way to approach childbirth. 

Mother to be stands in a studio wearing a white materrnity gown dancing for birth


Dancing for Birth provides interactive prenatal and postpartum classes that are perfect for every pregnant person. Their classes combine a fun approach to fitness with a vital education. You’ll learn how to move your body while getting to connect with both yourself and others. You’ll strengthen your pelvic floor, increase your flexibility, improve your sleep, and release a whole lot of stress. Their education is evidence-based and focused on making childbirth shorter and easier. Both parents and childbirth educators have fallen in love with the classes after seeing the results for themselves! You can take the classes both in-person and virtually, giving you the option to dance like no one is watching. 

Woman in a white maternity gown holds her bump in a studio dancing for birth


Dancing for Birth offers an option for professional training for people who want to bring this revolutionary method to their own city. The trainings are live and offered in multiple languages, and you can choose to attend either in-person or virtually. Over the 7.5 hours of training, you’ll learn all about the Dancing for Birth philosophy, methods, and everything else you need to know to host these life-changing classes. They also have a very forgiving cancellation policy for birth professionals who have to miss for attending deliveries. 

Dancing for Birth

Dancing for Birth is a revolutionary class that combines top-notch education with incredibly fun movement. You will adore their classes if you’re a professional childbirth educator or a parent looking for a positive birth experience.

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