7 Things to Bring to Your Newborn Session

7 things to bring to your st louis newborn photoshoot siblings

7 Things to Bring to Your Newborn Photoshoot

Congratulations! You’re expecting and planning your newborn session! Getting your baby’s newborn pictures and your family’s first portrait together is a special and exciting time. I’m excited to offer this blog post on 7 things to bring to your newborn session so that you can be prepared and we can capture some beautiful memories.  If you’re looking for how to display your artwork, check out my blog of our product overview. 

  1. Pacifier
  2. Baby- happy and well fed!
  3. Burp cloth/bottle/a way to feed baby
  4. Siblings and parents
  5. Diapers and wipes
  6. A change of clothes for baby
  7. Entertainment for siblings

7 Things to Bring to Your Newborn Session: Baby- happy and well-fed!

Ok, obviously you know to bring your baby to his own newborn session, but before you come, make sure he is happy, fed, and dressed in loose comfy clothes. You’re welcome to feed baby before we start again, but a fed baby is a happy baby! Loose clothes help with the transition to the newborn photoshoot set ups and prevent marks from tighter clothes. 

baby toes st. louis newborn photoshoot

7 Things to Bring to Your Newborn Session: Pacifier

A pacifier is a lifesaver during a newborn photoshoot! The room will be warm and baby will be snuggly, but sometimes baby needs a little more comfort. While positioning baby or if baby wakes up during his newborn session, we can help soothe him with the pacifier and pull it out once he’s back asleep. It’s especially helpful for poses where baby is not wrapped. I know not all babies take a pacifier, but if yours will take one, bring it! 

7 Things to Bring to Your Newborn Session: Feeding Supplies for Your Baby

If you’re breastfeeding, you’re all set, but if you are bottle feeding, don’t forget a bottle for your baby! Newborn photoshoots can last 3-4 hours, so it’s a sure bet everyone will be hungry halfway through. Other than a bottle, be sure to bring a blanket or burp cloth! 

7 Things to Bring to Your Newborn Session: Family Members and Anyone You’d Like in the Photos

These memories are a special time for your whole family, so we want to be sure to include siblings and parents in the pictures! The extra effort it takes to prepare your family for these portraits is worth it because you will always have these portraits to cherish. We will talk more about this at your planning consultation, but we can plan to do family and siblings shots at the beginning or end of your newborn photoshoot. Dad or grandma can take any siblings to keep them busy while we focus on baby! 

7 Things to Bring to Your Newborn Session: Diapers and Wipes

These are an important one! Have diapers and wipes handy because chances are, over a 3-4 hour newborn photoshoot, you’ll need them. 

7 Things to Bring to Your Newborn Session: Change of Clothes for Your Little One

Just like the diapers and wipes, you’ll probably need a change of clothes for baby (and maybe parents and siblings!) Whether you need them or just want a fresh change of clothes to go home in, it’s always a good idea to have a spare outfit. 

7 things to bring to your st louis newborn photoshoot siblings

7 Things to Bring to Your Newborn Session: Entertainment for Siblings

It’s true that dad or grandparents can take siblings for an outing after their portraits, but there is some waiting between set ups and maybe some feeding breaks, so it’s definitely wise to have some type of entertainment available for the siblings. Coloring books or iPads are always good options. 

These top 7 things to bring to your newborn Session will help prepare you and keep everyone happy the day of your portraits! To learn more and book your own St. Louis newborn session, send me a message! 

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