Product Spotlight: Archival Album

product offerings for your st. louis portraits

Product Spotlight: Archival Album

Archival- let’s start with that word. What does archival mean? It means that whatever it is describing is meant to last a very long time- 100 years or more! It also means ‘durable to the standards of permanent art.’ And archival quality means ‘resistant to deterioration or loss of quality, allowing for long life expectancy.’ So when an artist offers archival quality artwork, they are providing their clients with the highest quality, long lasting, amazing artwork that is built to last through generations! This is such a cool concept, but we can talk more about this in our What is Archival? blog post. But for now, this is enough to discuss our truly beautiful archival album!


archival album product offerings for your st. louis portraits


Today I want to talk about archival albums!

Product Spotlight: Archival Album Sizes

We offer beautiful albums to display your portraits. We offer our archival albums in a 10″ x 10″ size plus a parent album in a 5″ x5″ size.

Product Spotlight: Archival Album Pages

Our standard archival album comes with 15 images printed on archival matte paper. This paper is mounted to extra thick board pages. These albums are so perfect for families who have children who will want to flip through the pages. It is amazing for a child’s self-esteem to see printed photos of them in albums and wall art! (Look for our blog post to come for more information on this!)


These pages will not bend or warp and you can easily be wipe them clean of fingerprints. We typically offer these with square edges, although, you can request an archival album with rounded corners to make it safer for little ones! These are meticulously crafted by a team of skilled artisans to ensure you are receiving the absolute best quality.



opened album for your st. louis portraits



Product Spotlight: Archival Album Covers

Our album covers are custom made for you with genuine leather and can be customized with your family or baby’s name. These albums are a beautiful way to document your annual St. Louis family photo session!

Archival albums are a great way to display your family’s memories for generations. When you invest in archival quality photographs, the images will last for decades and even centuries without fading or discoloring. You will order archival albums from Sutherland Photography at your session reveal and ordering appointment. These are available with a standard 15 pictures (although you can add more!)  mounted on archival matte paper pages that have been designed for you to be resistant against wear and tear. These album covers come in a variety of colors- all made from genuine leather. If you are ready to document your family’s life in a way that will be preserved for generations, contact us today to start discussing your St. Louis portrait session.

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