62 Acts of Kindness for Kids

acts of kindness for kids

62 Acts of Kindness for Kids

Acts of kindness are something that can brighten up anyone’s day. When we perform acts of kindness for others, it makes them feel happy and appreciated. It also makes us feel good about ourselves, because we’re doing something positive for someone else. Performing random acts of kindness is a great way to teach kids how to be generous and caring people. It helps them to develop a strong character, and it makes the world a better place-one act of kindness at a time! If you need help coming up acts of kindness to do with your kids, don’t worry! I have compiled a list of 62 acts of kindness for kids.

acts of kindness for kids

SOME of these can be random, but I don’t believe all acts of kindness should be random! We should be kind to our friends and family most of all!

No Prep Acts of Kindness for Kids

Here is a list of acts of kindness for kids that take no preparation or forethought.

  1. Smile at someone
  2. Tell someone that they are special to you
  3. Say thank you when the cashier says goodbye or thanks for shopping with us!
  4. Sit with someone who is sitting alone at lunch
  5. Hold the door for someone
  6. Do a chore for someone without them knowing
  7. Tell a joke to make someone laugh
  8. Return a grocery cart at the store if you see someone finishing unloading their groceries
  9. Pick up litter if you see it on the ground
  10. Let someone go ahead of you in line if they are in a rush
  11. Invite someone to play at recess
  12. Give a compliment
  13. Take your neighbors garbage cans up for them
  14. Call your grandparents
  15. Say thank you to service men and women
  16. Check on a friend
  17. Give high fives to friends
  18. Do a chore without being asked
  19. Help someone unload groceries at the store
  20. Give someone a hug
  21. Teach someone something new



Plan In Advance Acts of Kindness for Kids

  1. Make a nice drawing for someone and give randomly
  2. Make a nice drawing for your grandparents
  3. Write a letter to your aunt
  4. Take flowers to your grandma
  5. Take a friend their favorite food
  6. Make dinner for someone who just had a baby
  7. Take breakfast to someone who had surgery
  8. Bring in bagels for your teacher
  9. Send a thank you to your mail carrier
  10. Take a gatorade to your garbage men
  11. Bake cookies for your local fire department
  12. Take chickfila to your local police station
  13. Put change in a vending machine
  14. Help an elderly neighbor with yard work
  15. Plan a day to clean up litter at a park
  16. Visit a nursing home
  17. Take cards to veterans
  18. Feed ducks
  19. Donate your toys you don’t play with anymore
  20. Wash your moms car
  21. Make a get well card for someone
  22. Help your dad fix something
  23. Offer to help your mom cook dinner
  24. Help your sibling with a chore
  25. Volunteer at the animal shelter
  26. Organize a park clean up
  27. Make supply bags to hand out to homeless people
  28. Shovel snow
  29. Send Halloween candy to service men and women
  30. Dry all the slides at the park after it rains
  31. Go shopping for someone who is sick
  32. Help your mom run errands for someone who is sick
  33. Pick out coloring books and donate them to the local children’s hospital
  34. Do chores for money and donate it to charity
  35. Write a chalk message on the sidewalk
  36. Take your teacher flowers from your garden
  37. Make a bird feeder
  38. Walk someone’s dog
  39. Read a book to a sibling
  40. Spend the day being extra nice to your siblings
  41. Make some juice for your parents


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