12 Fun Birthday Traditions for Kids

fun birthday traditions for kids

12 Fun Birthday Traditions for Kids

It’s hard to believe that the time has come again. Your child is turning another year older, and they are probably looking forward to a birthday celebration. You might be thinking about what you can do for them this year, or a new family tradition you can do every year. Fun birthday traditions for kids are important because they help build memories for you and your little ones. To help make  your birthday planning easier, I have compiled a list of 12 fun birthday traditions for kids.


fun birthday traditions for kids


Birthday Traditions for Kids- Blow Up Balloons for Their Bedroom

Decorating the birthday child’s bedroom with balloons is a fun tradition. It is super easy and doesn’t take long to do, but when they wake up on their birthday, the birthday boy or girl will be so excited! This is one we do every year for my kids and its such a simple, inexpensive way to start their birthday off in celebration! I just blow them all up the night before when all the kids are asleep and sneak them in!

Birthday Traditions for Kids- Streamers

Another related birthday tradition is decorating their doorway with streamers. This is another one we do every year for each birthday boy or girl and they love it! They usually keep it up for a week before I finally take them down! I just tape them to the frame and hang them down one after another almost to the floor.

Birthday Traditions for Kids- Balloons on Their Chair

Another easy birthday tradition is to tie balloons on their chair for the day. Its just something different than the norm to celebrate them on their special day!

Birthday Traditions for Kids- Acts of Kindness

I think we will try this one this year. I love the idea of thinking of others in celebration of your birthday. I’m thinking we will do this maybe the week before their birthday, so it doesn’t take away from their special day, but they’re still getting to do random acts of kindness for people.

Birthday Traditions for Kids- Plant a Tree

Planting a tree as a way to celebrate another year around the sun is such a cute idea. Maybe a bush would work, too. If you plant them in your yard, it would be fun to see the growth between the plants each year!

Birthday Traditions for Kids- Let Them Plan the Menu

Pancakes for breakfast! Make them their favorite meals on their birthday. I have one child who always wants tacos, another who always wants hibachi, and 2 that love pizza. And they all always want pancakes for breakfast! It’s such a small gesture, but it is special when they get to pick all the family’s meals for the day.

Birthday Traditions for Kids- Bake Their Birthday Cake Yourself

Bake their cake for them each year. It goes along with meals, but it is just a very thoughtful gesture that they’re sure to appreciate.

Birthday Traditions for Kids- Birthday Plate

Have a special birthday plate for the birthday boy or girl to use! I’ve seen several with ‘You are special’ or ‘Happy birthday’ written on them. You could even make one for them at a paint a pottery shop, such as The Painted Pot in St. Charles, MO.

Birthday Traditions for Kids- Birthday Interview

Interview your child each year on their birthday. It is so cute to see their answers and shocking to see how much they grow each year. It will be fun for you to look back on, but also really fun for them to read through when they’re older.

Birthday Traditions for Kids- Write Them a Letter

Writing your child a letter each year isn’t something they’ll remember or a way to make it fun at the time, but when you give them 18 years worth of letters on their 18th birthday, it will be such a beautiful gift.

Birthday Traditions for Kids- Family Outing

Schedule a family outing of their choice! This is something we do each year. We’ve done everything from bowling to the arcade to an indoor waterpark weekend. It really isn’t so much about where you go as it is that they get to pick and have the spotlight on them.

Birthday Traditions for Kids- Birthday Photoshoot

The last suggestion is a birthday photoshoot. This is an amazing way to document your child’s growth each year. Having these memories printed and displayed in your home is a beautiful reminder of how they looked on their birthday every year. Schedule a call and start planning your child’s birthday photoshoot.



Birthdays are a special time for kids and families, and there are so many fun traditions you can do to make the day even more memorable. From decorating their rooms with balloons and streamers to having pancakes for breakfast, these traditions will help make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, why not try scheduling a family outing or doing a birthday photoshoot? No matter what you choose, these traditions will create lasting memories for your child that they’ll cherish forever. The most important thing is that you are creating memories and traditions with your family, no matter how that looks for you.

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