5 St. Louis Prenatal Yoga Studios for Incredible Pregnancy Benefits

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Are you expecting? If you are, congratulations! Take a moment to truly appreciate the incredible journey your body will go through from pregnancy to birth to even healing after the baby arrives. Your body goes through so many changes during pregnancy. While those 40 weeks (give or take) feel like forever during pregnancy, in retrospect, that’s a relatively short time for all the truly amazing things your body accomplishes. Unfortunately, with all those incredible changes comes sleepless nights, a sore back and achy joints, swelling in your ankles and feet, and more. These things are all considered normal during pregnancy. However, did you know taking a St. Louis prenatal yoga class could help ease all those discomforts while preparing your body to deliver your baby into the world? 

There are so many benefits to prenatal yoga. Still, my personal favorite is that it can deepen your bond with your growing baby. Who wouldn’t want that? If reducing those pains, healing those achy muscles, getting better sleep, and making your body stronger while bonding with your growing baby sounds like something you could use, this round-up of places is exactly where you need to start. 

5 St. Louis Prenatal Yoga Locations To Connect With Yourself & Grow Your Flow

Blue Sky Yoga

Connection, personal growth, balancing internal and external worlds, and regaining peace are all possible at Blue Sky Yoga. In each class is a skilled and knowledgeable teacher ready to meet you at your current level and support your success, no matter how big or small. They believe every BODY can do yoga, including bodies holding precious babies within. 

Their prenatal and postpartum yoga classes are intended for pregnant bodies and moms within their first year postpartum. Instructors designed each class to help you safely practice the right movements to help your body and mind prepare for birth. The class simultaneously helps with healing some of the many aches, pains, and injuries that can come with pregnancy. 

Your teacher will gently move you through a grounding practice perfectly tailored to the specific and unique needs of pregnant and postpartum bodies. You can book your appointment in the studio at 3525 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO 63139, or sign up online.

Brick City Yoga

Located in Brenton Park West at 2758 Wyoming Street, St. Louis, MO 63118, is a yoga studio that believes in the step-by-step process to help create a stronger and more buildable foundation. This belief comes from the brick-by-brick method it takes to build a city. At Brick City Yoga, instructors have designed each prenatal class to encourage the optimal birthing position for your little one while providing your body with the right tools for labor. 

Their prenatal classes include trimester-appropriate poses to restore balance and alignment for your pelvis, pelvic and uterine ligament, and pelvic floor, which can combat a lot of unwanted pains. Plus, that pelvic floor is actually a big deal. Your supportive teacher will guide you through breathwork, meditation, and proper Asana that will benefit you even after your baby is born. 

Their cheerful and supportive prenatal classes are by appointment only. Once your baby arrives and your doctor clears you, you can request information about their postnatal healing classes! Visit their website to book your yoga journey.

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Shanti Yoga

With two St. Louis locations, Shanti Yoga does everything they can to offer something for everybody in their community. Whether you desire intense or relaxing classes, they have the right pace and style of yoga for you. More than just yoga, they want to help you transform yourself and help you find your confidence, and tame your worries and fears while finding balance. 

When it comes to classes for expecting mothers, they consider these classes a special event rather than regular classes. They recognize that this is a unique and life-changing event. Additionally, they want to help you embrace and celebrate your body’s changes and help prepare it for your baby’s arrival. Please stop in at one of their locations and book your special event

7346 Manchester Road, Maplewood, MO 63143


2601 South Kingshighway, St. Louis, MO 63139

You can learn more about them by visiting their website.

Indigo Massage and Wellness

Prenatal instructor, Diana Lucas, has been teaching movement and meditation techniques for more than 30 years. With her guidance, you will learn safe and effective postures to help you better prepare your mind and body for the journey of labor and birth in the future. 

You will also learn how to use deep breathing and relaxation methods to help you regain focus. These methods will give you the right tools to confidently take on all motherhood challenges. 

Her open-level yoga classes will go over many yoga techniques to not only help promote a better labor and birthing experience but help relieve your changing body of common pregnancy-related discomforts. They understand pregnancy can be stressful and want to help you find peace. You can book your class with Diana Lucas online.

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Urban Breath Yoga

As your body changes during pregnancy, it’s easy to feel like your body is becoming someone else’s. Stay connected with your body as it transforms with Urban Breath Yoga prenatal classes located at 2812 Sutton Blvd Maplewood, MO 63143. 

A supportive and knowledgeable teacher will help you learn safely modified yoga techniques that will significantly benefit your pregnancy and help combat common pregnancy pains. 

Your teacher will gently guide you through sequences you can safely do at home and during labor. The instructors designed these sequences to help maintain comfort and peace during your empowering and unique journey into motherhood. You can easily book your prenatal yoga class online.

St. Louis Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy can be a challenging time for your body. Still, attending one of these St. Louis prenatal yoga locations can alleviate some of that tension and stress. Sign up for your first class today, and start experiencing prenatal yoga’s benefits.

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