4 St. Louis Birthing Center Options for Comfortable Delivery

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Bringing a baby into the world is something magical and unforgettable. A moment so empowering and full of emotion, strength, dedication, and maternal instinct supporting your focus and even a little, ok, maybe a lot of exhaustion towards the end. This beautiful moment can look different for everyone, making each birth journey and story so unique and special. Suppose you’re currently expecting or hoping to expect in the future and want to start mapping ideas out now. In that case, it’s a good idea to start thinking about where this beautiful moment will take place. That requires some thought and research into your own vision of what birth looks like for you, so you can have a good idea of what your space needs. That’s where this researched list of St. Louis birthing centers can come in handy, as each center ensures quality support and exceptional caregivers. I’ve gathered a group of great St. Louis birthing center options to consider for your magical and life-changing moment in motherhood.

4 St. Louis Birthing Centers for A Personalized Delivery Experience 

Mercy Birth Center Midwifery Care

Mercy Birth Center Midwifery Care has been helping to bring babies into the world since the beginning, including delivering on their opening day in 2014. They serve as St. Louis’s first in-hospital low-risk birthing center. At Mercy Birth Center, they understand that many moms-to-be are looking for an all-natural childbirth experience guided by a midwife. Still, mothers want to give birth with peace of mind outside the home, not in a traditional hospital setting.

Their four birthing suites are done in warm, beautiful colors to help create a calming atmosphere. They feel like a bedroom instead of a hospital. Each suite has a comfortable queen-size bed, showers, and large tubs for laboring. Their certified midwives bring babies into the world with a high-touch, low-intervention approach. Doulas and families are encouraged and welcomed! Their birthing center also has a central living room area for family members, a kitchen, a spacious room for natural childbirth classes you can take, and a separate clinical area for your routine appointments with your midwife. 

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Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Suppose you’re looking for support in a natural birthing experience. In that case, Missouri Baptist Medical Center is known as the hospital of choice for moms-to-be who long for a natural birthing and breastfeeding experience. Starting with their four-week childbirth classes, they help prepare you for your empowering journey. When that highly anticipated day arrives, you will be in one of their labor and delivery rooms that provide a peaceful, calm and comfortable environment.

For added comfort, you can even bring your own music to help with relaxation. You can also choose to wear your own clothing or a provided gown during labor. They have skilled labor nurses to help you through labor. Still, suppose you want the added support of a doula. In that case, their nurses work with them to ensure exceptional birthing experiences and aftercare. 

First Breath Birth and Wellness

When your mom instincts say it’s time to go, a well-known provider with First Breath and Wellness will greet you, assess you, and settle you for your stay. Each birthing room comes equipped with a tub for laboring or for birth if you want a water birth. There is also a kitchen so you and your loved ones and support can eat and drink to maintain energy. For added safety, your midwife and a birth assistant will monitor you and your baby to ensure your experience goes smoothly.

At this St. Louis birthing center, your comfort is prioritized in a positive birthing experience. You are encouraged to wear whatever feels comfortable and use whatever techniques and positions are most comfortable and helpful. During this laboring and pushing phase, they will keep it as gentle and quiet as you’d like. Your body knows what to do.

Your loved ones and support team are welcome to be present and may even be involved with the birth. Dad or your chosen support person can assist in “catching” the baby. Bonding for mom and baby is essential and immediate. Hence, caregivers conduct all newborn exams with the baby in your arms or by your side. Once you have eaten and had a chance to refresh yourself (usually about 3-6 hours after the birth), you and your new addition can go home. Now, you and baby can rest and bond in the comfort of your own home.

Mercy Childbirth Center Washington

That wait for your baby to arrive seems to last forever! Mercy Childbirth Center Washington works together to make the most of your unique and highly anticipated moment. Their all-in-one private labor, birthing, and recovery suites are adorned with warm, inviting furnishings, a soothing theme of colors, and touches of comfort for that home away from home birth experience. Space and WiFi are available for your partner or person of support. Additionally, there is a fold-out couch for them to rest until you need them.

Each room comes equipped with wireless, waterproof fetal monitors. This technology allows moms to walk around and even shower during labor to ease discomfort while still monitoring their contractions and their baby’s heart rate for safety. Should any risks arise for your little one where they may need advanced medical care, they have a specially trained NICU transport team to bring your baby by land or air to the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Mercy Children’s Hospital. 

St. Louis Birthing Center

Your birthing experience is a special moment you will remember all your life. You will undoubtedly tell stories about this day as your child grows. While birthing can leave some expecting mothers feeling worried and anxious, that doesn’t have to be you. Your birthing journey can be a magical and empowering moment, one that is full of support and confidence, especially when you find the perfect St. Louis birthing center to experience it in. Any one of these St. Louis birthing centers would be an excellent option for your fully customizable, unique birthing experience. 

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