Questions to Ask Newborn Photographers

questions to ask newborn photographers

Questions to Ask Newborn Photographers

Preparing for a new baby is so exciting! You have done all the research for the best car seat and debated between the mamaroo and a baby swing. You’ve decorated the nursery and meticulously washed and folded all your newborn’s first outfits. But how much research have you done on newborn photographers?

questions to ask newborn photographers


There are a lot of things to consider when hiring a newborn photographer. Here are 6 questions you should ask and 2 things you should take a look at.

  • Take a look at their portfolio.
  • Inform yourself about their process.
  • What newborn training do you have?
  • How do you handle newborn safety?
  • What is included in your session fee?
  • How long do your newborn sessions take?
  • Do your newborn sessions include family portraits?
  • How will I receive my baby’s images?

Take a Look at their Portfolio

This newborn photographer will be taking only newborn photos of your baby! You can’t get that time back, so you want to make sure you are going to absolutely love these memories. Take a look at the newborn photographer’s portfolio and make sure their gallery lines up with what you are expecting. Do you want fine art? You need to make sure you find a fine art photographer. Do you want lots of props? Make sure you find a photographer who uses newborn props!

Inform Yourself About the Photographer’s Process

Will you meet for the first time at the photoshoot, or will you get to meet them ahead of time? Does the photographer help your plan or will you be unsure of what to expect? Will you receive images on a CD or will you receive beautiful prints to display? Just find out as much information as you can before you call so you know what to expect.

Now on to the questions to ask newborn photographers.

What Newborn Training Do You Have?

Ask newborn photographers what training they have! There is no industry standard, so it varies greatly how prepared photographers are to handle babies. Have they taken posing classes that focus on newborn safety? That is what you want to know. Since anyone can call themselves a newborn photographer, it is a really important question to ask.

How Do You Handle Newborn Safety?

This goes along with the training, but how does the photographer handle newborn safety? I am CPR certified, have taken many posing safety classes, and only take one client a week at most to limit exposure to possible illnesses. I also clean my studio and props between clients.

What is Included in the Session Fee?

Some photographers include photos for download in the session fee. Some photographers have the session fee cover the session and all artwork is separate. Ask this question so you can make an informed decision. I choose to sell artwork separately so you only buy what you love!

How Long Do Your Newborn Sessions Take?

Ask how long they spend taking newborn photos. Most people are surprised to learn it can take hours and isn’t a quick 60-minute session. Ask this question so you are prepared for the day of your session and have everything you need!

Do Your Newborn Sessions Include Family Portraits? (Questions to Ask Newborn Photographers)

Ask if you will get to be in the photos! That first family portrait is so special and you want to be documented in this time with your baby! Moms don’t get in photos with their kids enough, so this is something I am soooo excited about- getting that first family portrait, mom and baby, and dad and baby portraits.

Here is more on why your first family portraits are so important!

questions to ask newborn photographers


How Will I Receive My Newborn’s Pictures? (Questions to Ask Newborn Photographers)

How will you receive the images? Will they just be available for download? Or do you have them displayed on beautiful heirloom quality canvases and albums? After your session with me, you will come back into the studio to view your beautiful images for the first time, select your favorites, and decide how to display them. You choose how your images are displayed, all on archival quality products. After your products arrive, you will come to pick them up!

By asking these questions, you will be able to get a better idea of what to expect from your newborn photographer and whether they are the right fit for you.

Check out this newborn photoshoot!

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