Product Spotlight- Sutherland Photography Portrait Box

Sutherland Photography folio box

Product Spotlight- Sutherland Photography Portrait Box

Are you unsure about how to display your family photos? Or would you like to have options for displaying your art. Then maybe a Sutherland Photography Portrait Box would be the perfect fit! 

I’m as indecisive as you can get! I look into every option way too long and research way too much. So, I can say with absolute clarity that this carefully curated Sutherland Photography Portrait Box is the most versatile way to display your family portraits! 

Sutherland Photography folio box


What is a Sutherland Photography Portrait Box?

A Sutherland Photography Portrait Box is a box to hold your matted portraits. You can display the portrait box on a bookshelf, coffee table, or desk, or you can take the matted portraits out and display them on your walls! You can create a gallery wall of 4 or 6 or 8 frames and swap out the portraits so all are on display throughout the year.  For the prints kept in the box, you can pull them out to flip through from time to time and pull them out to show off to guests.

matted prints in Sutherland Photography folio box

Our luxurious Sutherland Photography portrait boxes feature 7″x10″ prints matted to 11″x14″. The mats are made from archival, acid-free mat board, which means they are meant to protect and preserve the portrait to last 100+ years!

Your Sutherland Photography Portrait Box will be hand made to fit 15 or 30 matted prints. It features a soft, metallic finish on the outside that can be customized with your family or baby’s name. The inside features a suede like material that is soft and protective for your matted prints.

Versatility is a huge benefit because you can keep them in the box to flip through, frame them and hang them as a gallery wall, or a mixture of both!


Would a Sutherland Photography Portrait Box Work for Me?

These are PERFECT for you if you are unsure what you want to do with your portraits, but want to make sure your sweet memories are preserved.  They’re also great if you want to have a larger collection of images from your session. And are great if you may be moving soon and are unsure what size to order. And they are also perfect if you would like to gift portraits to grandparents or other family members!




What are My Other Options?

  • Albums
  • Canvas
  • Prints
  • Cards


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