What Does Archival Mean?

What does archival mean

What Does Archival Mean?

What does archival mean? I talk a lot about how my products are archival quality, but what does archival actually mean?

Archival means that the materials are “suitable for the archives.”

So what does “suitable for the archives” mean?

It means that whatever this is, it is going to last a long time. Typically when talking about archival art, it means it is “durable to the standard of permanent art.” Another way to describe this is museum quality. You won’t go to an art museum and see beautiful canvases painted with paint from hobby lobby on a canvas from Michaels. They don’t sell archival products. Those artists buy from professional art stores who sell archival materials.

Just like a painter, professional photographers should be printing on archival quality materials with archival quality inks. They should be using archival glass in their framed art and teaching you how to handle your memories so they last through generations.

what does archival mean

These are Your Memories

And, if you want your photos to last through generations, you need archival quality. How horrible would it be for your grandchildren and great grandchildren to have no lasting pictures of you? Or your parents?

If your professional photographer isn’t printing on these materials, or isn’t even printing for you at all?! You need to find a new professional photographer because your memories are too important to risk.

Do you just want to share some photos of your family on social media and have them forgotten and never displayed beautifully in your home? A photographer who only gives you digital images and doesn’t insist you print your photos with archival materials is doing you a disservice.

All of our products at Sutherland Photography are archival quality.

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