How to Find The Perfect Newborn Photographer For You

Guest blog post time! Lauren is a newborn photographer in San Diego and shares some advice on how to find a newborn photographer.

How to Find The Perfect Newborn Photographer For You

By Lauren V Photography, your San Diego Newborn Photographer

Finding a newborn photographer that is perfect for you and your family can be a stressful task to navigate, especially not knowing exactly what to look for. I’m here to help you make this a simple (and exciting!) process for you.

Those first newborn portraits of your little one are so special, and a once-in-a-lifetime moment that is all too fleeting. Luckily, choosing the perfect photographer for you and your family can be as simple as one, two, three! Follow my top three questions to ask your newborn photographer to find your perfect fit: style, experience, and budget.


Beyond colors and props for your images, do you want a lifestyle or posed session? So much goes into the style of your images that you may not even think about.

2. Experience

While this one is a bit subjective, it is really important to take into consideration. Experience does not just mean how many years a photographer has been photographing newborns, either.

3. Budget

Budget is going to impact what type of photographer you hire, and it’s shouldn’t be pushed to the side. Budget, however, will affect just who you are able to hire, including the style and experience the newborn photographers have within your budget.

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Bottom line, you want to be able to love you images from your newborn photographer for generations to come. I know it can be extremely stressful looking through all of the photographers to choose from, so I’m here to help make your life a bit easier. These top three points to consider will help you find that perfect photographer for you!

To read more about how these three main points will help you choose the perfect newborn photographer for you, come on over and check out my full blog post for exactly how to put the three points to use.

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