Moving to St. Louis During a Snowstorm!

Moving to St. Louis During a Snowstorm!

We have officially made the move to St. Louis, Missouri! Or, St. Peters, Missouri, actually. I am officially a St. Louis photographer. We have been knee deep in renovations and choosing the right cabinets, paint colors, flooring, and I have scraped most of the popcorn ceiling and repainted. It has been an eventful couple of weeks.

We also got here just in time for a huge winter storm. In all, I think we got at least 13″. I measured this morning while my kids were out playing and it was 11″ and still coming down! I captured a few fun photos on my cell phone that I’ll share here, but I have even more on my camera that I cannot wait to edit! We actually don’t even have our furniture, yet. Apparently PODS take 14 days, and not the stated 7, but at least we will get the popcorn ceiling taken care of and the main floor painted before our things arrive!

Kids in the Snow!

We have moved A LOT. My husband, Brian and I got married in Memphis. When I was pregnant with my oldest, we moved 2 weeks before she was born to Knoxville, TN, followed by Iowa, Texas, back to Knoxville, and finally in the St. Louis area. So, even though we lived in Iowa where we got tons of snow, only the 2 oldest lived there and it was so cold and windy that they didn’t really want to be in the snow. We got one snow in Houston and a couple in Knoxville, but nothing like this one! The kids have been in and out all day for 2 days now. We don’t have our dryer, yet so they have been rotating clothes!

It’s really just a huge mess, but I know they will have amazing memories of this move! I am so happy I brought my camera to be able to document some of their time in the snow in between painting and planning.

St. Louis Snow!

My 3 oldest especially are enjoying the snow in St. Louis! My 3 year old took a couple hours to love it, but is now having just as much fun! We knew we were moving here, so the kids were gifted these sleds, which have come in handy this week! So glad we brought them in Brian’s truck!

St. Louis snowstorm St. Louis snowstorm

We have a nice common area behind our house with undisturbed snow and it is so beautiful! St. Louis snowstorm


These were all taken the first morning and we ended up with another 35 ish hours of snow!

So, this week has for sure been eventful! Between the drive, closing, renovations, and a huge snowstorm, I am beat! But, I am beyond excited to set up my new St. Louis photography studio once we are moved in!


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